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Filming in Palau

Travel to Palau has become easier than ever with four major airlines servicing Palau throughout the week. With enough lead time, Roll 'em Productions can help facilitate group rates on international flights, as well as help coordinate the best possible rates for shipping equipment.


Flights ara available rom the U.S. through Hawaii while flying from Asia usually originates from Tokyo or the Phiippines, in some cases the flights transit through Guam. In addition, many charter flights which are not available on the internet can be booked from offices in Palau.

Continental Micronesia - Guam/Palau, Philippines Palau, Yap Palau,

Pacific Flyer - Guam/Palau, Brisbane/Palau, Philippines Palau.

Japan Airlines (charter)



U.S. citizens - No fee visa on arrival for up to 1 year.,
Most other citizens - No Fee visa on arrival. 30 days renewable upto 90.
More details and updates for Palau visa's are avasilable at:

Departure taxes:
There is a departue tax and grren fee for a total of $40 which must be paid in cash at the time of departure.

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