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Filming in Palau
Film and Television in Palau

2007 "Survivor 16, Micronesia " TV Series - SEG Entertainment (2007)
          Palau DBA: Big Fish Inc.

2007 "Bone Detectives" Ep 11 & 12 (2007)
          GRB Entertainment for the Discovery Channel

2007 "Earthrace" Adventure Documentary for Discovery Channel

2007 "Hokule'a"
The Polynesian Voyaging Society

2007 "TPS - True Palauan Stories" Roll 'em Productions Documentary

2007   "SOJA - Live in Palau" Television Special Reggae Band Concert
          The State Incentive Grant Office & Roll'em Productions

2006 "PAN - Protected Areas Network" Documentary
          The Nature Conservancy by Roll 'em Productions

2006 "Earth: THe Power of the Planet" BBC Mini-Series

2006 "Didal" Feature

2006 "The Micronesia Challenge" Educational Documentary
          Office of Environmental Response & Coordination

2006 "Tour Guide Training" Awareness Video
          Koror State Government & The Palau Conservation Society

2006 "Get Up and Move!" Home Workout Video
           Ministry of Health

2006 "Sustainable Living - The Island Way" Documentary

2005 "Tour of Palau" Japan News Segment
           Tokyo Broadcasting Station

2005 "Our Precious Resource " Public Awareness Video
           Palau Conservation Society

2005 "Palau International Coral Reef Center" Promotional Video
           JICA - Japan International Cooperation Agency

2005 "Box News" Anti-Tobacco Video Campaign
           STUN (Stop Tobacco Use Now)

2005 "Cockers" Short Documentary
           Roll'em Productions
          Winner of 2 awards at the International Documentary Challenge

2005 "Give Blood, Give Life" Public Awareness Video
           Red Cross Society

2005 "The Last Flight Home " War Documentary
           Jennifer Powers & Dan O'Brien with Roll 'em

2005 "Power to the People" Public Awareness Video
           Palau Public Utilities Corporation

2005 "Bounty Candy" International Commercial Series
          Mars Russia - BBDO Moscow

2005 "Palau Film Festival"
           Pacific Islanders in Communications

2004 "Carving Canoe, Carving Culture" Cultural Documentary
           Canoe Association of Palau

2004 "Dances of Life" Cultural Documentary
           Pacific Islanders in Communications for PBS

2004 "Small Islands Voice: Laying the Foundation" Island Issues Video

2004 "Palau Visitors Channel" Tourist Information Guide Video
           Palau National Communications Corporation

2004 "Escada Pacific Campaign" TV Commercial, Printseries

2004 "Survivor 10, Palau" TV Series - SEG Entertainment for CBS (2004)
           Palau DBA: Clearwater Entertainment Inc.

2003 "Dolphins" (Palau) TV Commercial - Superbowl 2002

2003 "Micro Games - Palau" Regional Canoe Competition
           Canoe Association of Palau

1998 "The Living Eden's" Palau - Paradise of the Pacific
          Reader's Digest World for PBS TV

1999 "Blue Planet" TV Series
          BBC - Narrated by David Attenborough

1985 "Strategic Trust" The Making of a Nuclear Free Palau - TV Documentary
           Director: James Heddle - United States Trust Territory

1968 "Hell in the Pacific" Feature
           Director: John Boorman
           Cast: Lee Marvin


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"We Couldn't have done it without Roll 'em Productions"
Matthew Geeves, Producer, BBC
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