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Filming in Palau


Palau has a wide variety of production equipment available from Roll 'em Productions and local vendors.

In addition to boats, trucks, cars, generators, and construction materials, we also have camera, lighting and grip equipment available to rent.

Please email us for the most recent equipment list from Roll 'em Productions.


Sony HDV Z1U Package

Sony PD-170 Package

Cannon XL-1 Package

Sony PDX-10

Sony Beta SP 1/2

Matte Box 4x4 (Z1U or PD170)

Tripod- Vinten

Tripod - Manfroto 501

Low Hat

Filters - polarizer, nd, grads

Targus Lens Pen

Hakuba Lens Cleaning Tissue

Zeiss ZECT Moistened Cleaning Tissue - 21 Pack

Housing Z1U Light and Motion

Housing PDX10 - Ikelite





Senheiser Blimp

Senheiser Sock

Boom Pole

Senheiser mic 190

Rode mic NT-1A

Samson Wireless Lav

Samson Wireless Handheld

Audio-Technica Wired Lav

Rolls Field mixer 4 channel

Sony Wires Lav

Stage Kit (connectors)

XLR - Assorted

Mic Stand

Pop Screen

Pro-Tools system (field portable)

Headphones (sony MDR-7506)

MiniDisc Recording - Portable

Sony ECM-44B (wired lav)

Direct Box


drum mic kit





Lowel Rifa-Lite (soft)

Lowel Tota

Lowel Softlight2

Lowel Pro

Chimera Mogul Base Lamp

Chimera Video Pro Plus 1 Softbox Kit - Small

Work Lights

Clip lamps


Doors for Softlight2



Stingers - 100'

Stingers - 50'

Generator 12,000W

Generator 6,000W w/ Sound box

Heavy Duty Starved Electrolyte Battery Belt

Heavy Duty Starved Electrolyte Battery Belt

Strobe Light

spare bulbs





Zippered Cordura Sandbag 35 lb

10 lb sand bag

25 lb sand bag

Baby Plate - 6"

Baby Plate - 3"

Matthews MAPC Pump Cup - 6" Suction Cup

Cobra Crane 2 (6' reach)

Jeffrey Jib Lite 21' reach

Varizoom Remote Head

Western Dolly

Clips - Assorted

7' x 7' Silk Bounce w PVC frm


12' x 12' silk

20' x 30' black

Caravan Canopy 9'x9' w frame

Tarps - Assorted

Tools - Assorted

Large standing fan

Box Fan

Scaffolding 6'

Helicopter Stabilization System


Baby Stands

Avenger Light Stand

Avenger Folding Base Wheeled Studio Stand

4x4 Reflector

Flex Fill various sizes

Magic Arm

Pony Spring Clamp - 3"

Pony Spring Clamp - 2"

Flags, scrims, fingers

Open End - 18x24" - White 1/4 Stop

Open End - 18x24" - Black Double

Open End - 18x24" - Black Single

Open End - 18x24" - White Double

RoadRags Black Flag - 18 x 24"

18x24" Flag

Fingers - Various

Fog Machine


Tool Box - Fully Loaded


Bungie Straps

Ratchet Straps




Full CTB (roll)

Full CTO (roll)

.9 ND (roll)

Gels - Assorted sheets

Gaffer Tape


Canned Air

Grip Gloves

Streaks and Tips

Desiccant sachet (5-Pack)

Camera Reports

Film Cans

Sash Cord

Safety Rope








Walkies Talkabout 3mi

4x4 truck

Flatbed Truck

Crew Cars

Crew/Equipment Van

19" support boat (90hp)

Dive equipment

Marine support

Production Offices with phone,fax, internet

Sound Stage

FCP HD Edit Suite

Audio Recording Studio

Protools Digi002

Large Format Printer

Copy Machine

Props and Wardrobe

Wooden Canoe

Various costumes and wardrobe

Varous Props

Folding Tables

Folding Chairs

Clip Lamps


Portable Stereo

Wardrobe Racks




Line Producer

Camera Operator

Location/Production Manager

1st / 2nd A.D. (DGA)



Script Supervisor

Production Assistants

Boat Operators

Wardrobe Asst


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"Shooting with Roll'em in Palau was a total sucess "
Franzrudolf Lehnert, Executive Producer, Ghost
"Pacific Paradise " For Escada