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Unique unspoiled beauty with all the resources a film or TV crew needs....Palau, Micronesia


The Republic of Palau in the western Pacific is a cinematographer's dream -- water, islands, and skies so colorful they need no enhancement in post.  

Full production support, tax incentives, and a wide of variety of locations within minutes of downtown make Palau a convenient and economical choice for your television, film or commercial shoot.  Discover the reason Palau has been the favorite location for sucessful productions including survivor (CBS), Survivor (GMA), Escada, Bone Detective (Discovery), Destination Truth (SyFy), Yahoo Hell in the Pacific (MGM) and more. For even more locations explore the other islands of micronesia with unique beauty, history and apeople.

Roll 'em Productions is the only production company in Palau and the largest in Micronesia with a highly-trained full time staff, production rentals, a sound stage and an audio booth. With over 20 years experience from Hollywood to New York and Fiji to Palau, our dedicated team has the experience necessary to save you time and money. Our producers, location managers and fixers will work with you to organize everything from airline tickets to hotel rooms, boats to trucks, local crew and equipment while getting the best rates possible. Please contact Roll'em Productions for all your production needs in Palau and throughout Micronesia.

There is no official Palau Film and Television Comission (PFTC) however our crew can assist you with transportation, taxes, equipment import/export, permitting, locations and all your production needs. Please conatact us: